Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy are sometimes required either as treatment for your condition or after surgery. Physiotherapists are responsible for improving movement in your joints and strengthening muscles. Occupational therapists can provide detailed assessments of your hand function and they manufacture custom made splints to either rest your joints or maintain and improve the increased movement achieved by the physiotherapist. Both of these therapists provide an important aspect of your treatment and they can have an influence on the final outcome. They work as a team with your treating surgeon and with each other.

Because the quality of hand therapy is important, Mr Farnell only works with specialist hand therapists who are experts in their field. They are therefore able to offer you the best possible treatment. The physiotherapists appreciate that patients with hand conditions, particularly postoperatively, may find it difficult to drive and they offer an innovative service where they will travel to you to administer your treatment. This can be at home or in your place of work - the choice is up to you.